nadialeatz. Michigan

The pool is outside of my apartment window.
It’s running, and nearly clean,
But not open.
I’m moving out in a week or so,
and damn, will I miss that thing.

Not to get deep,
but I’ve spent some of the best moments of my life in that pool.
Both recently and six years ago.
No funny business
(only once),
Just fucking fun.

It’s crazy to picture myself six years ago,
laying in the grass just across the courtyard
(damn that grass is fine),
Big red Regina curls,
Reading Tori Amos’ biography
(it was tantalizing).
Just last week, I laid in that grass,
and read the Selfish Gene (Dawkins).
Months before, we did pencil rolls on the hill for an hour.
(We won’t speak of what on)

I don’t know what the next months will bring,
But my anchor and kite are equal.

// By the way,//

fuck new tumblr.
It got rid of all of my formatting and links n shit.
If I want to HTML, I should be able to HTML.

Tell me why over time I’ve been consistently compatible with
English majors, social workers, and special ed teachers.

I don’t want to constantly blow someone’s mind with science. It’s exhausting.
But in my head, all there is is science, gears turning, steam running hot.

I’m doing my ironing on a Saturday night.
I’m currently on article 2 of 19.
Luckily I’m not a perfectionist.

// A. //

There I go,
Moving shire to shire.
Moving against the wind,
But thriving nonetheless.

The Holiday creates a silence in town. A rare occasion in a town like ours.
For most of my life, I’ve lived in places where the most you heard outside was a mooing cow or a dog bark. In the city, you hear traffic, sirens, high school bands from miles away.

Today is so incredibly quiet. I sat outside, bundled up in my snowpants, watching the snow fall, and listening. What did I hear? Nothing.

// I forgot tumblr existed. //

What did I miss?

I’ll tell you what you missed.
I am now 5 months past my 21st birthday, and lemme tell ya, I’m not an alcoholic. That sounds silly, but I’m honestly surprised. The same beer has been in my fridge for two weeks.
I got a promotion at work, but unfortunately not a pay raise. I’m still pretty happy about it though. I’m learning huge amounts and am constantly moving forward. 
I’ve met an incredible woman who I want to keep happy for ages and ages. I’ve never met such a equal.

It’s been a while, eh? I’ve been busy living, and I haven’t been this happy in a long time.