So I’ve been stuck on Cognac for a while. I really like the color; half my closet and shoes are cognac in fact. But a while back, Alethea brought up the drink. I had never really heard of it, actually. Apparently it’s a fancy old man drink. It came up in conversation because I’ve never really been IDed before and don’t plan to until I’m 21, but I’m sure I’ll keep on drinking. She said to go to a bar and order Cognac because they’ll never ID me. I suppose it makes sense because people around my age order PBR or lady drinks like Long Islands and Red-headed Sluts.
So I researched Cognac a bit, and here is the flavor description I came across:
“characteristics combining nuts, fruit, caramel, honey, vanilla, and other spices.”
Doesn’t that sound like the best alcoholic beverage ever?!?
Must have. Yup. Granola in liquid form sounds incredible.